What’s NOT on my mind?

Having just graduated from ministerial school I am now (provisionally) granted the title of “reverend.” You’d think having gone through all the scholastic hoops, with the intention of just that, it would be natural and exciting to “finally arrive.”

Many have asked, “are you relieved?” To which, my response is a pause and then, “its more than that.”
It is so much more than that. Truthfully, it is no where near relief. its a brand new place, triggering utterly new feelings.

It is like walking on a surface I’ve never felt.

Imagine stepping onto a surface whose texture was foreign to your feet, whose laws of gravity didn’t pull you down, they pulled you in. Each step has it’s own discovery and new awareness and integration. When I expressed this, Dr.David Bruner said to me,”welcome to the rest of your life. You have left behind the old life and nothing will be the same. You create what’s next every minute.”

So far, he’s right. Every second unfolds as a unique creation. The passsing of time, as experience unfolds upon it, is also forever changed. I was called here. I have answered, and this calling answers back in a language I hope to spend the rest of my life deciphering. May it serve the world just as God, “in-as-and-through me” intends.
Meghan, Reverend

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