I Do Declare

I declare each of us to be “home”

Right here and right now.

We are home in this moment, home within ourselves, within the walls of this sanctuary called “Body.”

God is inside our hearts and we live always from inside the heart of God

Whatever we’ve done or thought or said that made us think we were less than whole is done.

Right now we think a new.

We open to our connectedness, our relatedness to all life.

We allow ourselves to cherish our human experience.

We relax knowing this human experience is fool proof.

No matter what, we grow and expand.

As we relax and open, we allow ourselves to contribute to the ever flowing stream of life. Whether by a smile, or a life’s work, our contribution is our faith in action, our willingness to participate.

Life is whole perfect, complete, and connected. I am whole, perfect, complete and connected exactly as I am and exactly as I am not. All is well. And so….it is!

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